Upon attempting to visit my local branch during normal banking hours in Orlando, I was shocked to discover it was closed, the atm shut off and was being turned into Mercantile Bank. It turned out all locations in Orlando were closed and Bank Atlantic wasn't even competent enough to forewarn me.

Again, Absolutely No Warning! Now, the nearest branch is 50+ miles away, yet they have the nerve to hit me with disputed overdraw charges on a pending debit gas station hold that never overdrew...

In continuing to deal with their customer service long distance, its obvious why they couldn't make it in Orlando.

Lets see where they close next...

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BankAtlantic is pathetic!!!!!!

Colman, South Dakota, United States #79153

BankAtlantic's fraud protection is poor, to be kind.


BankAtlantic has no idea what they are doing in the Tampa Region. They fire people for no reason at all and they seem *** bent on hiring people who dont know what they are doing for less money.

They will work you many hours a week for peanuts and then not appreciate what you do for them and let you go...It all starts from the leaders who cant lead there.

They are morons and they should be waiting tables somewhere in pasco county. I cant believe they are still in business but I am sure not for long


as a former employee of bank atlantic it is by far the worst place to work and they treat there customers and employee like garbage i hope they go down the drain

Honiara, Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands #33500

This is a follow-up of our conversation on 09/03/07 withDebby (manager of Customer Service at the call center)about a problem I am having with the followingtransaction in my account. On AGU 29th I Made a deposit

$1400 in the bruch, I ask how many days the cleck get

clear. They advise me 24-48 hs. Now I have 10 Overdraw in my account. Called customer Service and no one cares anithing and they never listen custumers and don't tryto help them.  I placed a request to speak to a

supervisor and no one call me back. Please I need assistemce with this issue. Unfortunately, the problem remains unsolved. I


No, the definition of incompetence is YOU. As an employee of Bankatlantic I can tell you that they announced the sale of Bankatlantic in the Orlando market in mid March, the switch however, didn't happen until around May if memory serves me right.

My guess, is that you moved, didn't change your address with the bank and never got the notice. But it's also apparent that you are a completely uninformed person since there was an article in the Orlando Sentinel about it, plus it was also announced on the Bankatlantic website as well.

My advice to you is that in these economically troubled times, you keep an eye on the news stories about your bank so that you aren't completely surprised when something like that happens.

( for the record, Bankatlantic is in good shape but they just chose the wrong time to try to start up in a new market like Orlando.)

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